Z + C

Photos by Studio Bonon
Symbolic Blessing | Elegant and Luxurious Event | Blush, White, Gold
Zamira and Casey opted for a formal wedding at Vincigliata castle,  a beautiful venue near Florence.  They chose to keep the style of the event elegant and luxurious, in colors of white and blush. Symbolic ceremony, set up in the front of the castle, was adorned with columns with floral arrangement on the top, that created a lovely frame around the spouses, and two groups of lanterns and flowers at the beginning of the aisle. Inside the stunning courtyard of Vincigliata Castle was set up a long table was adorned with golden candlesticks and pots. Beautiful floral compositions with blush roses and white hydrangeas make more rich the reception table. In a corner of courtyard was set up the table for the spouses in Persian style.