M + R

Photos by Facibeni
Symbolic Blessing | Romantic Event | Red, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Blush
A three day event in a rural villa near San Gimignano.
For the rehersal dinner Meghan and Robert opted for an Italian style, choosing a wooden table with a red and white checkered runner, adorned with lanterns, aromatic herbs and trusses of tomatoes. The perfect set up for a Pizza dinner!
The Wedding day was more romantic and elegant, with a touch of country style. The chose burgundy, hot pink, blush and white for the flower decorations: for the symbolic ceremony two wooden columns with floral arrangement on the top and some bunches tied to the aisle chairs with chiffon ribbons in different shades, for the reception tables greenery branches, roses and golden candlesticks.  Bulb lighting overhead to make the warm Italian evening even longer.